Founded in 1995, b+ab is the first in-house brand of I.T group, the renowned fashion group in Hong Kong. With the vision to incubate the in-house brand that shares the same level of popularity with other imported brands, the name ‘b+ab’, alike an algebraic expression, features a yet-to-complete identity, to signify the interweave of creative elements which are boundary-free and waiting to be decoded and re-coded.

We believe that all women can shape their ever-evolving identities and express their uncompromising attitudes through fashion. Offering quality on-trend products in sensible price-points, we are here to attire them.

The brand delivers and emerges the latest trends through two lines; Mainline is for individuals who enjoy luxe-looking clothes that connect with their lifestyle, creating a distinctive yet effortless look with intricate craftsmanship. Pink Label interprets different subcultures and trends in youthful sense and experimental spirit.